ethos is a progressive lifestyle platform that offers seasonal lines of apparel, cuisine, publications, home goods and events, housed within a creative free space. The collections celebrate a simplified style of living with a focus on community, comfort, fashion, and utility. With a dedicated team concentrates on the progression of contemporary culture through the provision of knowledge, everything in ethos is sophisticatedly considered, selected and showcased in a way that our aesthetic can be presented from the first to the last detail in between.

Our platform is about a point of view. This point of view is always evolving but it is originated from ethos’s aesthetic. Creativity and craftsmanship are the keys to define our cuisine, service and product selection. We have been focusing our attention on detail and forward thinking approach to introduce emerging exclusive creators to Hong Kong.

To bridge the multi-facet of ethos is our very first store located at Hill Road. As ethos’s appreciation for food, fashion and product has been an emphasis in our concept. This free space provides visitors an ultimate destination to put more energy into depth instead of breadth, and place high value on doing more with less.